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Port Press Club “Kyoto” Rotterdam

The ‘Port Man of the Year’ award

In 1981, on the occasion of its 25th jubilee, the Rotterdam Port Press Club “Kyoto” established an award for outstanding contributions towards the development of the port of Rotterdam, the ‘Havenman van het Jaar’ or ‘Port Man of the Year’ award. Each December the “Kyoto” members – all of them journalists with the Rotterdam port as a main point of interest – will review the past year and single out their ‘Man (or Woman) of the Year’. It’s a tradition that all the past recipients of the award attend the presentation ceremony, which usually is held in the first half of January. In 2004 the first ‘Port Woman’ joined 23 male recipients of this award.

The idea of forming a port press club was born in 1956 onboard the Swedish cargo ship Kyoto (pictured at left) during her first call at Rotterdam. The mid-fifties were still marked by post-war reconstruction: world trade picking up, liner connections being re-established, newly-built ships put into service.

Maiden calls abounded and the dutiful members of the press never allowed a reception to be missed. During one such occasion it appeared that the time was ripe for a bit of reflection. And when this resulted in establishing a port press club, the founding fathers named her “Kyoto”, honouring the ship to which they owed their inspiration

Welcome to “Kyoto”

Thank you for showing your interest. This website is in Dutch apart from a few pages. You can read two profiles in English of recipients of “Kyoto”’s ‘Port Man of the Year’ award here:

andre kramer Jos Benders, Port Man of the Year 2003

andre kramer Mai Elmar, Port Woman of the Year 2004